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The Tao of Jersey
Or: What the hell is on the mind of that JerseyCam guy?
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4th-Jul-2012 12:31 pmbrain freeze
Normal Entries Below. Let me know if you like this new feature.

it sure does.  It used to be I would write all the time, but with the proliferation of my tweets, I seem to post less and less, which seems like it should  be something I should rectify...
4th-Jul-2011 08:53 pm - jerseycam on livejournal
for those who don't go to the JerseyCam website, I thought I'd eliminate the middle man. The larger versions can be seen at JerseyCam.

17th-May-2010 01:05 am - those tricky ruskies
so I have recently enacted a rule when it comes to buying Zippo lighters. No more that $5 a lighter, and no more plain lighters, unless I need to buy one to get a better deal. The exception would be something "special", like the one Zippo I bought which was from a Navy ship. Other examples would be something still in it's case/box, or something rare, like a table lighter, as long as it's a good price.

So this weekend, I stopped by the table of the same Russian guy(s) who are there week after week, and who insist on charging an arm and a leg for their lighters. Those tables/booths are the worst because you see the same lighter crying at you from under glass all the time, and they still want a premium, but don't realize that the lighter(s) cost them more and more each week that they drag them out to the market. But this week they got me. They had a few good Zippos, and they also had two Zippo tape measures, which I rarely come across vs. lighters. One was still in it's box, but didn't have the guarantee. So I was trying to get them down to a reasonable price. I consider a tape measure in the box to be a $10 buy. I was trying to mix and match to see if I could get them to ~$5 each. Sadly, they got me. The two tape measures below(the Howe Richardson one was still in the box) and the Slim Zippo were purchased for $23. That was nearly $8 each, or the one tape measure for $10, and the other two for over $6 each. I'm still trying to convince myself that the Slim Zippo was worth it, being that it was for a company that is still in business, and also had initials scratched into it's base, which increases it's connection to it's former owner. I also wonder if it was ever for retail sale, or just a "perk" for employees/sales people/vendors.

16th-May-2010 10:32 pm - it is never easy
so it happened yet again today. Something so simple, turns into a huge production. So I decided to mow the other paddock today. I had finished last night late, about 9:30pm. I brought the mower back in and found the deck to be caked with grass clippings as well as the blades being a little dull. So I took it off, which on the lawn tractor is usually a big job, but I have learned to do it pretty well. I then removed the blades and sharpened them first with the grinder and then with my stone. After that, I carried the deck over to the barn and washed it off.

So I go out today and put the blades back on the deck and the deck back on the mower. I get out into the paddock and I did maybe 5-6 laps before the belt snaps. Oh well, I knew it was going to happen. So I drive it back to the barn and check the gas to make sure it's good before I start. Here's where it begins at 5:30pm.

Out of gas. Load up the pickup, find the spare gas cans, and drive over to get them filled. I ask for 5 gallons in each can. The guy tells me he can't do that, they can only preset the dollar amount. I almost yanked the nozzle from his hand because I was afraid he was too stupid. He finally seemed to grasp that he could look at the display to figure out when he had 5 gallons. Usually most stations will let you fill your own cans, which I can deal with, but this moron insisted on pumping the gas himself. He finally finished and I headed home. So I fill the mower up, and go to put the new deck belt on. I get the belt on and while checking to make sure it's good, find that one of the pulleys is bent. So off the deck comes again and I take the pulley off, bend the plate it's mounted to back straight, and put the deck back on. But now there is a clip pin missing. I break out the magnet and can't find it. So I head back into the house and find a new one. Of course, the new one doesn't want to go in, and after 15 minutes, I finally get it in. Start the mower up and put it in gear. Now there is a noise and a vibration. So I put it in neutral, put something on the seat to fool the sensor, and take the brake off. As far as I can tell, the drive belt is a little loose, and seems to be vibrating. Great. Eventually I decide that It just needs to run and let the pulleys take up the slack. Now it's after 7:30 pm.

So you see, a simple job of replacing a belt took me over two hours. Sigh.
18th-Apr-2010 10:23 pm - the double down
so while traveling home from the flea market Saturday, I knew I had to stop and try the Double Down from KFC. My verdict? Meh. The cheese appeared to be pepperjack, but lacked any kick/bite that such a remarkable cheese possess. I also must agree that the chicken outweighed the bacon in every sense. It muted the taste as well as the cheese and sauce stealing the bacon's crispness. Also the price stung me a little. Nearly $6.50?! I can get two slices of pizza from my local pizzeria for that price. OK, that's all I have.
18th-Apr-2010 09:48 pm - flea market finds
So this weekend had some pretty productive flea market trips.
4/2/2010 Finds
On Friday the weather was horrible, so there wasn't much to see/get. I found some Gillette blades and Read more...Collapse )
2nd-Apr-2010 11:53 pm - flea market finds
so I went to Collingwood Flea Market today to see if I could find anything good. I stupidly got there as the sun was getting higher, and some of the vendors were packing up. But I did find:
4/2/2010 Finds

First thing I found was a Victoria Ironstone shaving mug/scuttle. I picked that up for $4, and continued on. After that I found an old Zippo tape measure, which was $5. I was happy and kept on. I doubled back and decided to see if a homemade light saber I found the week earlier was still there, but it wasn't. I kept walking and came upon some elongated pennies, which I offered $1 for. After I started baking in the sun, and many of the vendors were leaving, I came upon someone with both a Schick Krona and a Gillette Blade box. I gave him $5 for the both, and laughed at the straight edge he tried selling me. Next to him was a couple that had a Zippo Golf tool with both ball markers and a divot fixer. I paid $2 for that and was ecstatic. Next I found a data/charging cable I hoped could work for my pocket scanner, a conductors ticket punch made in Newark, and a Ralph Wiggum lightswitch plate. I got those for $2 as well. I stumbled upon a little shelf unit that I could put some lighters on for $1 as well. Lastly, as I made my way back to my car, I came upon a little box with a shaving motif, which I talked the guy down to $1 on, and I left a very happy man.
3rd-Feb-2010 05:32 pm - does rice absorb moisture
experiment: to see if rice absorbs water under normal conditions to disprove the wet cellphone in rice theory.

method of testing: Place measuring shot glass full of water into a jar surrounded on the outside by rice pre-weighed. Seal jar and wait two-three days then measure water level in shot glass and also weigh rice.

Expected result: While a certain amount of water will evaporate, the water should redeposit itself in the water or along the sides/top of jar. The rice should not attract the water out of the atmosphere in the jar and absorb it.
31st-Jan-2010 07:39 pm - first rule of cooking
you know what the first rule of cooking is? ...Love. You can learn all the recipes in the 'verse, but you put a cake in the oven you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turning of the worlds. Love keeps her intact when she oughta stick to the pan, tells you she's brownin 'fore she burns. Makes her a meal.
14th-Jan-2010 02:30 pm - my santa sack of crap
so my Santa Sack o' Crap from woot! showed up today, and while it wasn't the best, it was pretty good.

In my haul I got 2 mechanical pencils, 2 35mm cameras(which will go into next years Christmas grab bag), an XM radio holder(I literally have like 8 of these now), a Hannah Montanna Media player, and a Philips CD 445 Cordless phone set w/4 phones. This was a used set, as I could tell by the marks on it, and also it had been programmed previously. The only problem was one handset didn't charge. But luckily I charged the battery on a different charger until it held a slight charge, then put it on its base, and it charged right up. So now all I have to do is plug it all in, and I'm set to go!
28th-Dec-2009 09:38 pm - done
i'm done with my After-Christmas shopping. Since I was semi sick on couch this weekend, I could only go out today. So what was the haul?

Well, from Target, I spent $60. I got a set of king size flannel sheets for $10, 3 ornaments that had 2009 on them, two bags of candy, a elf costumes for the cats, 3 sheets of stick on Christmas seals for my wine bottles, a motion activated Chewbacca maquette(Not for me, for someone who will pay me back), two sets of battery operated lights for a RoofCoffeeCup, a fleece throw, some ribbon for next years wine bottles, a light for the brim of my hat, and three things I won't mention here, but will probably return because I was bad for buying them(were $13 of the $60).

I then went to Wal-mart, whom I was pretty sure would have light bulbs, and spent $13. I got 10 packs of bulbs(c7's and mini lights), 3 sheets of seals, and the rest was little sew on things like buttons,stars,snowflakes,etc... which I can use in place of the seals on my wine bottles to stick where the hot glue attaches the ribbon to the bottles.

All in all, I think I did pretty good, and am happy.
28th-Dec-2009 03:48 pm - i'm smitten
well, it's nearly 2010, and after another year of being single, I thought it would be nice to have a little break down of the girls I have been smitten with over the past year. They more than likely have no clue who I even am, but that doesn't bother me. I hope if anyone comes across this they are not freaked out, because I do not mean it as such.

First, I'd like to bring up Elizabeth Lambert.

This amazing girl entered my awareness after she was accused of being a brutal and dirty soccer player for the New Mexico Lobos. But it wasn't true. If you watch the video of her, she isn't violent. She applies force in an almost surgical manner and with precision. That's the furthest thing from violence.

Next, I'd thought we'd stray from the sports world, and explore my attraction for humorous women. At the top of the list is Sarah Haskins.

Sarah Haskins is a comedian and also a host on Current TV. She is hilarious and amazingly smart, and at least from what I have seen of her, someone whom I'd like to hang around with.

While we are discussing people on TV, I thought we'd bring up someone who appears on TV shows as well as commercials. Her name is Stephanie Courtney, and you may know her better as "Flo", the Progressive Insurance Cashier.

Not only is she very attractive, from her stand-up clips I have seen, she is pretty gosh darn funny. Besides intelligence, humor is something important I find important for a woman to have. Also, and this may just be in my head, but soon after declaring my smitten status, this commercial aired. Tell me if you notice how I'm subtely mentioned:

Didja catch it?

Next is someone whom I don't even know her last name. It's Hannah the Apple Computer employee who taught us how to use the new iPod Shuffle.

Except for the video, I know nothing else about her, but I still think she's very easy on my eyes.

Since we are on the subject of technology, let's move towards science, specifically, Herpetology. Kristin Stanford is the "Snake Lady", and I saw her on Dirty Jobs.

Not only is she keeping up with Mike Rowe, she is giving him a run for his money at times. She tough, smart, and funny. Also, having recently befriended a certain "Herp chick", I have come to appreciate the unique personality they posses, and have taken a shine to it.
28th-Dec-2009 03:31 pm - RoofCoffeeCup Happenings
This is the TEST shipment you asked for

21st-Nov-2009 09:15 pm - RoofCoffeeCup Glossary
Captain Obvious
So in order to shorten my tweets for RoofCoffeeCup, I thought I should make some standard abbreviations to use instead of writing them all out, and also define what they mean. This list will be updated if a better description is suggested, or something missing needs to be added. Also, when tweeting reactions, please add the "#RoofCoffeeCup" hashtag, so that everyone can find the tweets by doing a simple search, like this. I tweet the trip to and from work by themselves, but if I go out somewhere, I only tweet once.

Honk: Well, just what it says. It's when someone honks their horn to let you know. If someone uses a truck air horn or a firetruck horn, you can list that separately. I also usually only count each car that honks, not the number of honks. So if one car honks three times, I only count it as one "honk".

Point: This is when someone points at the cup, either at yours or at the roof of theirs from inside. This is not the same as the...

Mime: The mime is when someone goes through the motion of putting a imaginary and/or a real cup on their own roof. If they hold up a coffee cup in their own car, that ALSO counts as a mime, but I call it a "Full" Mime.

Stare: A stare is when anyone just stares as you go by either in a car's passenger seat or on the side of the road, but doesn't tell you.

Wave: A wave is when a driver, passenger, or pedestrian waves their arm(s) to let you know.

Flash: No, a flash is not when someone lifts their shirt at you. It's when someone flashes their car headlights at you.

Yell: A yell is when someone just yells at/to you. You can break this down, if you want, to what they yell, like Yo! or Hey! or Sir!.

Tell: A tell is when someone tells you about the coffee. This can happen while driving or be done by a pedestrian. However, if someone in another car tells you while you are at a stop light, it becomes a...

Stop-Light-Tell(SLT): A Stop Light Tell is when another driver tells you about the coffee while at a stop light. However, if in the process of telling you at a stop light, it becomes a...

Stop Light Get Out(SLGO): This is when someone gets out of their car physically. It can be either just opening the door, all the way to walking up to your door/window. The only step higher than this is a...

Stop Light Take Off(SLTO): This is when either a pedestrian or other driver attempts to take the cup off. I usually stop them by this time, thank them, and hand them a card so they can follow the cup online.

Someone Taking Your Picture or Video(Cam): Cam covers anyone you see taking your photo or video with a cell phone or camera. You'll sometimes catch people out of the corner of your eye or see a flash.

Double Take(2x Take): This is when someone looks at you, then looks again, almost like that can't believe it and have to check again.

Along-Side-Rider(ASR): An Along-Side-Rider is someone who either speeds up or slows down and pulls even with you. I usually only count someone as an ASR when they stay with me for at least a half mile/30 seconds.

Stop In Road(SIR): A Stop In Road is when someone stops in the road, and won't let you pass.

Thumbs Up Gesture(TUG): A Thumbs Up Gesture is just someone giving you a thumbs up because they dig what you are doing.

Most of these can be used with descriptors for notable events, like "Cute girl w/Cam" or "Cop on side of road point". Sometimes, a few can happen at once and each action should be counted. If someone pulls along side you while driving, honks, points at your roof, and tells you that "there's a coffee on you roof", that would be 1 ASR, 1 honk, 1 point, and 1 tell. Others can "escalate", i.e. a yell can progress to a tell, so in the end it's a tell. If someone does a SLT(Stop Light Tell), then gets out, then I count it as a SLGO(Stop Light Get Out).

If anyone thinks I missed something, or has something to add, please add a comment below.
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